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Non-Accident Tickets

Atlanta Traffic Criminal Law > Non-Accident Tickets

In Georgia all traffic offenses are classified as “criminal offenses”. Certain offenses, like possessing drugs while operating a motor vehicle, carry special penalties against your license. These offenses will cause your valid license to be automatically suspended, even if your Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) was previously clean. Such offenses include: Driving Without Insurance, Hit-and-Run, and Driving With Suspended Registration, for example.

Proper legal representation requires detailed foreknowledge of these special ticket violations in order to avoid or eliminate the mandatory license suspensions which will otherwise be mandated by Georgia law. Speeding in excess of 90 mph, Reckless Driving, and Street Racing violations will cause your insurance rates to become as high as they would for a DUI. In many Counties, Prosecutors seek jail time for speeds in excess of 100 mph. Each Court is different and sets its own fine(s), rules, and procedures. You need lawyers who travel the whole State and know what to do in each jurisdiction. Call us before your court date.