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Julian Laurent
Google review 6/8/2021

His free phone consultation gave me good advice and saved me more money than going to another lawyer.

Aalim Bey
Google review 3/29/2021

One of a kind there is no one better.

King Kitchen
Google review 1/12/2021

Staci Skiwski
Google review 1/12/2021

Lol……I’m not a telemarketer! I just saw this response. Your were a referral but the company that referred me apparently didn’t know the type of law you dapple in. If I could give you a zero I would here is why……….. The day I called inquiring about your service you were instantly rude and pompous.. I wouldn’t have retain your services even if I needed them! Anyway carry on!

Reply from Business

This is a strange review. I have never represented you. Your name is unusual, so I think I would remember. There are a number of attorneys with my same name in Atlanta Metro. So, I am sure that you do not have the right person. If you say you were a client, please send me your invoice or contract. I believe you are the telemarketer I just finished talking to. I still don't want to buy anything. Now you know why I don't have my email address on my website. I don't need fifty of you people emailing me everyday trying to sell me ink pens with my office address on them. Give it a rest. Learn to accept, "No" with dignity; jkee

Dariene G
Google review 12/1/2020

Great guy and very helpful. He provided a great service and knows what he’s doing. If ever you need traffic ticket help this is the guy to call.

Carmen Allen
Google review 8/13/2020

I was very impressed with James Kee. He was very knowledgeable and responsive from the start and set my mind at ease. He wrapped up my legal matter quickly and thoroughly. I was very satisfied. I would highly recommend Mr. Kee to anyone needing legal services.

Reply from Business

Thank you for your review Carmen. These days clients are getting taken by "traffic attorneys" who are dabbling in this specialty to supplement their own economic covid downturn. This is unfortunate since anyone who still has a job really needs their license to keep it. I have been doing this since 1986 and will continue to give clients the consistent expertise they deserve. It's simple, I treat each ticket as if it were my own. Thank you, again, for your review; jkee.

Brandy James
Google review 4/28/2020

James Kee was very professional, knowledgeable, and prompt. He took his time to review my documents and advised me on how to proceed forward. I highly recommend.

bernard nhau
Google review 1/16/2020

Great attorney. Look no further for any ticket issues.

Adam G.
Yelp review 9/12/2019

It was with great pleasure that I was able to work with an amazing professional. Mr. Kee was able to help me every step of the way and took care of any issues that came up. He was always available to explain anything I had questions about, and I knew that he had my best interest throughout the entire process. I am so glad that I had him on my side. I would have had a different outcome without him there to protect me. I fully recommend him. If I ever get into trouble again, he will be the first person I call.

Joe Wall
Google review 7/2/2019

Excellent results! I could not be any more satisfied with the results. The best decision I have made. He saved my career.

Reply from Business

Joe, It's all about the truckers in my view. The DOT cops have gotten way out of line with the sort of tickets they issue to CDL drivers. They know that alot of their tickets can cost them their jobs and they still write them up, heartlessly. For example, how can you write a trucker a ticket for talking on a cell phone when he is sitting at a truck stop? There's no danger to the public. It's ridiculous. You can't take a job from a family provider like that. I will fight all such tickets to the bitter end. Hopefully, more traffic attorneys will begin to take the same view. Be safe out there and thank you for your review; jkee.

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