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Google review 3/13/2022

IF this is the guy I think it is....... He at least seems like a trustworthy guy.

Reply from Business

Yes, Trillz, it was me you had the extensive telephone consultation with. Since you were rather pressed for time, and the clock was ticking on your situation--I was more interested in getting you the best correct, useful information than my personal contact information. You can readily find that on my website whenever you need it. As always, if I cannot help you, I will try my best to direct you to the proper: attorney, agency, department; ect where you CAN get the help that you actually need. Good Luck to you, and thank you for your review; jkee.

lamar patterson
Google review 2/2/2022

Excellent service.

king naruto king
Google review 1/27/2022

Very professional took his time to explain to me about the outcome of my case and save me more than $500. Thank you 🙏

G Johnson
Google review 1/20/2022

Exceptional Service. One of the best in town.

jermell mitchell
Google review 11/7/2021

Mr. James Kee has educated me and provided a service that is the best I've ever seen. The passion for his profession is real. If you do not do anything else, call Mr. James Kee to represent you.

isbah iqbal
Google review 10/28/2021

He was very professional and saved me money!

Dailmer Zambrano
Google review 7/21/2021

Kentrell Small
Google review 7/14/2021

Eric Chyn
Google review 7/8/2021

honest and trust worthy

Brianna Heyward
Google review 6/10/2021

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