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Minh Dinh
Google review 10/20/2022

came to him for traffic ticket. all he did was get it sent to state court. should of just paid it myself in the first place

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Minh, you can get a better disposition in State Court. They took a year to set this case. However, we now have to start over in a new/different court. This cannot be helped. The small municipal courts in Clayton county many times have to be avoided. I can assure you that this can be resolved better in State court than your original municipal court. I've practiced there many years. However, to go forward we must reach an additional agreement. There will be additional court appearances; jkee

Joex Szirovicza
Google review 9/27/2022

I'm a truck driver. Was ticketed by Atlanta metro police for an illegal left turn. This violation carries FMCSA points. Witch goes against your commercial driver license. I feel so lucky to find Mr Kee. He had the ticket dismissed. No points, or cort costs. Wery professional, communicative, he guided me through the process. Explaining what's going on. Highly recommended. Thank you so much. Joe S.

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Joex, keep pushing that Big Rig Buddy! And, watch out for Georgia State Patrol 🚓 ! jkee

Cliff Robinson III
Google review 8/24/2022

I cannot recommend Mr. Kee enough. He assisted me with my failure to yield situation and walked me through the process in a manner where I understood everything that was going on and felt good about what we were doing. Mr. Kee is extremely knowledgeable, professional and helpful. Best attorney I've ever spoken with.

roderick green
Google review 8/24/2022

James E. Kee is the best if you need and attorney for you case! He is the only one I call for help with my traffic ticket! He really knows his work and how to help you!

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Thanks, Roderick. I appreciate you!

Danyel “Dimezwalk” W.
Google review 8/8/2022

Professional and very knowledgeable in his field.

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Thank you for your review Danyel. I appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to do so. Very few people actually do. Peace; jkee

Fareed Melies
Google review 7/18/2022

Very knowledgeable attorney, I would highly recommend him to anyone. He knows his stuff but also how to break everything down to someone who isn't as well versed in the same subject matter.

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If I do my job correctly. I can explain everything to you completely. I can decode all the "legalism" associated with your charge. That way we can have the same knowledge about the situation. This will lead us to the same conclusion about what is best to be done. In my view, this is what you are paying me for, correct? Thanks a lot for your review; jkee

Danilo Strapasson
Google review 7/7/2022

Google review 7/6/2022

Clark Israeli
Google review 5/5/2022

James is extremely personable, charismatic, and sharp witted.

brooke Ramirez
Google review 4/26/2022

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