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Lola Lapree
Google review 6/1/2023

I called James not knowing where To even begin. With his years of knowledge , organization and skills , he actually takes the time to speak with you about your situation and what your options are and what might possibly work for you . He’s definitely been a blessing for me today!! Thank you so much Mr. James you’re a lifesaver.

Reply from Business

Best luck to you. Glad to be able to make your day better. Reach out as needed with all this . . . jkee

Ron Godsey
Google review 5/25/2023

Kames Kee provided excellent advice in prep for an appearance. I appreciated his candor.

Google review 5/4/2023

James Kee is honest when it comes to providing an advise, even if it is not in his personal interest. I would definitely recommend him to represent you in fighting your traffic tickets.

Angela Griffin
Google review 2/23/2023

Answer all my questions and sent me in the right direction... Thanks Attorney Kee

zoe fason
Google review 2/17/2023

I needed advice about a super speeder. James E. Kee helped out a lot & told me details on how to better myself in this situation & exactly what i should do.

Kirk Thorpe
Google review 2/6/2023

I'm a truck driver. I was in an accident and was able to walk away without any points on my license. Mr. James is very knowledgeable and detailed.

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Kirk, I don't need to tell you that pushing a Big Rig down the road, on a daily basis, is almost a "calling" these days. No matter how careful you are, you are bound to have issues. All you can do is be mindful that the civilian drivers around you are clueless about Big Rigs. They don't know how they move, or turn; ect. Further, Nine times out of ten--if there's an accident, the cop will automatically give YOU the ticket. So, you must give the little cars and drivers a wide berth, as much as you can. When you cannot--call Me; jkee

Teshlyn Smith
Google review 1/31/2023

Mr. Kee has been very helpful & knowledgeable about the whole process I went though with my court case. He’s gone over and beyond in making sure things are taken care of. I highly recommend Mr. Kee !

Rehvon Abdulofizov
Google review 1/30/2023

Reply from Business

I do not know this person.

Anthony Cortez
Google review 1/26/2023

Very helpful and educational! Wonderful dealing with him. Already recommended to my friends. Earned a lifetime client. Thank you again

Matt McMahon
Google review 12/27/2022

Unfortunately, I had a egregious citizen come after me and abused the court system in Dekalb County. From the first call James was unbelievable to work with. He put me at ease, answered my calls/emails/questions, was resonably priced, James showed up on time and was magical to watch in court. He used his experience and vast knowledge to melt the "plaintiffs" case right off the stand. I actually enjoyed watching James work. I wish to never go through an experience like this again, but if I do James will be my first and only call and I will look forward to him on my side.

Reply from Business

Matt, thank you for your review. Keep an eye out for suspect drivers. In this world, some of them are just trying to "make a buck". Be watchful; jkee

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