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Lionel Duplessy
Google review 11/29/2023

Never got a call back.

Nakia B
Google review 10/23/2023

I spoke with Mr.Kee About an accident issue and he did not hesitate to help! He was very informal and made me feel 1000 times better about my case. I’m happy to have found this firm

Google review 9/12/2023

I contacted Mr Kee concerning an offender that hit my car in a parking lot and fled the scene. Mr Kee was kind and compassionate to the point that he gave me precise advice on the total expectations as well as protocol. Mr Kee is one attorney that has experience, compassion, professionalism, and conviction. I would not only highly recommend him, but also not hesitate to reach out to him again. He’ll Take good care of You! God bless you Mr Kee.

Ricklis Z
Google review 9/12/2023

My dad and I spoke to Mr. Kee over the phone regarding a hit and run incident. Mr. Kee was very knowledgeable of the law and his compassion and professionalism were evident in his communication with us. He helped us to reach a better understanding of the circumstances and gave us step by step advice on how to lawfully proceed and what to expect going forward. I highly recommend Mr. Kee’s law firm.

Cord James
Google review 7/27/2023

Mr. James Kee is awesome, he updated me knowledge for the trucking industry I can use in the future. You can tell he really cares about his clients and their situations and is not business as usual like with the majority of Attorneys. Looking forward to doing business with him again if any other problems arise. A+ business.

Dawn Keaton
Google review 7/20/2023

Was calling around looking a lawyer Mr. Kee was very helpful with providing information and leading me in the rite direction.

Tyrone Mcrae
Google review 6/30/2023

D Griffin
Google review 6/7/2023

Mr. James Kee is by far the best lawyer I’ve had, the communication and trust of knowing he’s going to get everything done was definitely reassuring. He’s very professional with the services he provides and just the time he took extra to answer any questions I had was a bonus because most lawyers don’t give you that full service but Mr. James was very easy to get in contact with or return calls promptly. Mr. James has been a great blessing and I’m very grateful for the service I received and the affordability. Thanks again for everything 😊

Reply from Business

I leave no stone unturned for CDL holders. I understand you have your actual livelihood on the line. Watch out for those State Troopers on the highway. Good Luck! jkee

John Hubbard
Google review 6/1/2023

Elba Sanchez
Google review 6/1/2023

Very helpful & honest! Highly recommend!

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