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Carla Rascoe
Google review 7/2/2024

Mr. Kee is a competent attorney who applies his experience and communication skills to pursue the best outcome for clients. I received a first time speeding citation and Mr. Kee made clear to me the terms and likely outcomes prior to my court date. He is a patient listener who brings a sense of clarity and confidence in the courtroom. He was able to advocate for the opportunity to take a safe driving course to avoid penalty for me. Hopefully I won't need to myself, but, I would recommend Mr. Kee for anyone with a traffic related citation in Atlanta. Thank You!

Christina Messiah
Google review 6/18/2024

I can’t even begin to tell how amazing James was dealing with my traffic tickets. He gave me accurate information up-to-date information and I was able to get my license that was suspended resolved. Thank you so very much. I totally recommend if you want an honest Lawyer with transparency. Contact James E kee and associates today!!

Kira Mann
Google review 6/6/2024

Most amazing attorney to represent you in your cases!

J Lee
Google review 6/4/2024

It’s such a pleasure working with Attorney Kee on my court case. He explained each steps and made sure that we were in alignment. He is thorough and thoughtful which definitely eased my mind. I have already recommended two people to him!

Chenise J
Google review 5/3/2024

James was very good to work with, professional, and worked to get my case resolved! Highly recommend :)

Nigel Campbell
Google review 4/25/2024

Amit Rogel
Google review 3/19/2024

Gave me excellent consultation regarding traffic dispute!

Tony Bond
Google review 3/9/2024

He did a wonderful job, I am thoroughly satisfied with the services he provided. I highly recommend him.

Sonya Scott-Campbell
Google review 3/1/2024

I have not spoken with Mr. Keep but my daughter called him today on a case that she is painfully struggling to accept the current outcome of. She was on the edge this morning desperately needing a lifeline and he pulled her of a ledge, literally. Living 3.5 hours away, I am here helpless to physically be with her and petrified with anxiety our daughter will succumb to her fears and end her precious life. Here I sit thanking God for Mr. Kee for being instrumental in our daughter choosing life over everything by showing compassion, validating, and advising our daughter to the point when she called to say Mom I called you and didn't get you and honestly I was ready to give up and ... but I contacted a Crisis Help Line and then 15 Lawyers before I spoke with the best lawyer I ever contacted named Attorney Kee and his advice change my mind to the point I have hope for my future and a plan that encouraged me and validated my thoughts and fears on the case. She added how it helped so much to talk to someone who is unbiased, very insightful and abreast of the legal system, courts and legal community in our city and did not sugarcoat the facts and hard truths I was struggling to understand. My feelings of unrest, spiraling mentally, acute anxiety, and being psychologically traumatized were meticulously discussed and validated, she further expressed. As I recall the past 3 years of overwhelming anxiety and multi-layered acute trauma for both my daughter and I that culminating in an excruciatingly painful victim impact statement being read in open court on yesterday, I am humbled at the professionalism and compassion Mr. Kee expressed to my daughter and credit him with being instrumental in her choosing life over everything by being a source of support for her when she was in crisis this morning. I owe a debt of gratitude to Atty. Kee and as well spoken and articulate as I am known to be, in this moment cannot fathom the verbiage to fully express the depth of my gratitude and self actuating indebtedness to continue paying forward unconditional and meritorious support to others who call in their time of need - my promise to God for the sparing of and protections over our daughter's life and in honor of Mr. Atty. Kee, with all due respect 🙌🏽.

Alhasan Nagi
Google review 1/25/2024

Very helpful and informative attorney! Highly recommend! I called for help about an incident happen last night , and he went above and beyond to explain everything in full details .

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