CDL Ticket Defense

We got this “Failure to Yield” citation dismissed against our client and saved his twenty year trucking career.

We provide specialized defense in traffic and speeding citations across the state of Georgia for CDL drivers. Many offenses which will not suspend a REGULAR drivers license-will cause a COMMERCIAL license to be disqualified. This is true even if the CDL driver committed the traffic violation while driving in their personal vehicle. There are “Major” violations. which cause the immediate disqualification of a CDL for a minimum of one (1) year; and, “Serious” violations which will cause a disqualification for less than a year.

The law requires an employer to check each driver’s history before hiring them. As a practical matter, many employers will neither hire nor retain drivers with bad tickets in their history because it will cause their company insurance to increase. We know that a bad ticket can make you unemployable, so we will use every possible means to preserve your commercial license.


Customer reviews

Carla Rascoe 7/2/2024

Mr. Kee is a competent attorney who applies his experience and communication skills to pursue the best outcome for clients. I received a first time speeding citation and Mr. Kee made clear to me the terms and likely outcomes prior to my court date. He is a patient listener who brings a sense of clarity and confidence in the courtroom. He was able to advocate for the opportunity to take a safe driving course to avoid penalty for me. Hopefully ... continue reading

Christina Messiah 6/18/2024

I can’t even begin to tell how amazing James was dealing with my traffic tickets. He gave me accurate information up-to-date information and I was able to get my license that was suspended resolved. Thank you so very much. I totally recommend if you want an honest Lawyer with transparency. Contact James E kee and associates today!!

Kira Mann 6/6/2024

Most amazing attorney to represent you in your cases!

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